Tour Riggers, Tour Stage Managers, AND Tour Production Managers 
​(The Entertainment Touring Business)

 Entertainment ground rigging is a very serious business and the people you see in the slide show above are people who are very good at what they do and say, taking their jobs seriously. What I have done here, is communicated with all the individuals who are responsible for everyone who are in an event venue where ground rigging and overhead rigging is going on, to find out if they would support me trying to make our industry more professional. As expected, I have gotten 100 % support from everyone you see above. As mentioned earlier, many of these tour riggers, tour stage managers, and tour production managers, are veterans themselves. I am grateful to have their support and willingness to hire you, the veteran, once you learn the basics of an entertainment rigger, which is what this site is about. I also need to let it be known that these professional tour individuals will hire anyone that can prove that they have the skills and knowledge to become an entertainment ground rigger. My position is that I know many and or most military persons already have the discipline that is required for this type of work. Of course, I have seen many civilians that are very disciplined as well. The point I am really getting at is most civilians are aware of this kind of work and most veterans are not. I would like to bring this type of work to the veterans'attention as well. I have many professional individuals in the field agreeing, by giving me their support. This can be dangerous work ,and it is not easy work, but it can pay very well if you really learn what is required. An entertainment ground rigger on a basic entry level can earn at least $200 to $300 per day easy. Again, you must know the basics, and in most cases you only get one shot to show what you know, and what you are willing to learn. Most entertainment ground riggers have many opportunities once they learn the skills correctly, meaning they have an opportunity to work unions, labor companies, travel overseas, or around the world, and even be independent. This is the perfect type of work for anyone who wishes to be in control of their time on a day to day basis. Doing this type of work will also allow you to better plan vacations with family and friends. NOTE: We at GroundRigging 101 also conduct group hands on training. If you are a veteran, civilian, or a mixture of both groups and wish for us to come to you for an 8 hours hands on training class for free, please inquire on our “Contact Us” page. All training classes must be at least a total of 12 attendees. Any training done outside of 200 miles radius will require more attendees. In order for a group hands on class to be conducted, GroundRigging101 requires two week notice, and a deposit in advance to secure time and date. All classes are from 10am to 7pm. One hour for lunch is not a part of class time.
Each individual must purchase a GroundRigging101 training video at the price listed on this site. If you are a civilian, you would pay civilian prices, and veterans would pay veterans prices. This is a great class, and a wonderful deal, because you get the chance to actually feel the steel, shackles, burlap, and other items you will be working with as a ground rigger. Another reason why this type of class is good for you is because you will feel more comfortable with the steel and other items when working with it for the first time on the job, and being graded by a tour or local lead rigger. Groundrigging101 makes the perfect gift to give a veteran, a loved one, or a friend who is looking to learn new skills for a job that has excitement, great pay, and world travel. This is a perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or Birthday gift. Thanksgiving is definitely one of our most popular months of sales, for early bird Christmas shoppers. This is a great time to purchase GroundRigging101, so when the tour season is back in full swing January 2015 you will be able to take advantage of it. You will be well trained and ready to step into the market and start making the kind of money you always wanted to and more.

Most of the lead and assistant tour riggers pictured here are US veterans from all 4 branches of the military.