If you already know me (G.G.), you know how passionate I am about helping veterans find jobs. After 15 ½ years of Vietnam era Army service, it was difficult to gain employment with my military resume. No
type of transitional training materials were available. I found I had to re-invent myself.

It is very sad that our veterans put their lives in harm's way on a daily basis, to make sure that every citizen in our country has freedom. How long can we take it for granted that others will be willing to protect us and our rights, without any support for them and their families?
   In 2014 alone, and the year isn't over yet, 1,892 veterans have committed suicide and counting. 8% of the homeless U.S. veterans nationwide are women. 38% of them are between the ages of 31 to 50
years old. For men, there are 62,619 veterans that are homeless nationwide in the U.S. 

   Let US help them take care of themselves and their families, just as they have helped us stay free.

   Groundrigging 101 will certainly help many veterans, male or female, without question.
Instructions are included that tell a veteran how to approach companies for employment as entertainment ground riggers.  I've been blessed to work with all of the tour riggers, tour managers, and tour production managers shown on the “ABOUT” page. Some of these individuals are ex-Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy. I worked with these individuals for many years. We would discuss how we believe that veterans need to be treated with more respect, even if it is just helping them find a decent job when
leaving the military. We agreed 100% on that.

   So, I created my training tool, Groundrigging101. They loved it! They allowed me to post pictures of them, as supporters. These are people who are willing to hire veterans, who've learned the skills of an entertainment ground rigger.

   Many of us say we would love to help our veterans, but we don’t know how. Most veterans purchase my product themselves, but all are not able to. If you want to help,  go to www.groundrigging101.com and purchase one for that/those veteran(s) you want to help. I would truly appreciate your assistance in helping them as well.

A Friend,
Glenn Dale Gordon “aka“  G.G.
Entertainment Ground Rigger
Ex-Drill Staff Sergeant E-6
Army 15 ½ years Vietnam era Veteran

A Disabled Vet's Story